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My career spans across three decades and three different countries. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to work on a great number of projects, which have required different levels of attention and resources.

From designing/branding coffee packaging as a junior designer in Italy, to managing creative teams, budget and production on major corporate brands like Fujitsu in Japan and Qantas in Australia.


As an Art director, I value the importance of creating an original idea that brings a unique perspective to the table, but more often than not, budget and resource constraints can be an hindrance to the creative process.


Over the years, I have learned to develop and implement ideas around these constraints. I managed to take every project to a successful conclusion via constant liaise with vendors and production teams, within the budget allocated.

Web, print and motion pictures are the arena where I mostly exercise my abilities. From sketching ideas for commercial photography, storyboarding complex motion sequences, to editing music videos and animation in Adobe Premiere.


I’m also very familiar with the music industry, from design composition to score production. Often I’ve been able to associate my own music score to visual ideas, using professional production software.

So who knows where’s the limit. As Walt Disney allegedly said: “If you can dream it, you can do it”.


Roberto Massaglia
0414 510 416


The Tenth Stage

The tenth stage is a musical project that requires strong art direction, with a tongue and cheek cinematic approach. Each piece has been carefully designed and art directed to create a background story.

The prime purpose of this suite is to evoke a Hammer horror movie atmosphere. For this reason, characters have been carefully developed, location and photographer have been chosen in accordance.

This suite includes also an animated video clip produced in Adobe premiere, and Adobe after effects. Click here to see the video.


Tenth Stage



The Victim’s Ball

The victim’s ball is a musical project that selects elements from early classical movie scores to create a dark mood through the interaction of a wide range of orchestral instruments.

The aim of this project is to create a Shelleyan/gothic atmosphere.

For the entire suite story-telling is paramount. Characters, costumes, props, location and photographer have been carefully designed and selected for this purpose.

This suite includes also a video clip with a French revolution flavour produced and edited in Adobe premiere. Click here to see the video.


The Victims Ball




Tankt is an artistic project with strong industrial elements.

The aim of this suite is to tackle into the surrealistic realm, creating unsettling atmospheres.

The carefully chosen dystopian story telling swings between religious iconography to apocalyptic desolated landscapes.

The art direction is strong and unforgiving, characters, props, location and photographer have been chosen in accordance.





Event Posters

A range of events, radio and musical shows printing material.

The art direction swings between Orwellian influences, Constructivism art, to warmer tones of sixties soul and Blue note design elements.


Event Posters



CD and Record Covers

A range of CD and Record covers from the Indie scene.

Commissioned by various international and local music labels, this range shows a variety of design and art direction for CD and Record material.

The extensive art swings between Victorian to more German industrial iconography.


CD and Record Covers



Editorial Design

Fiend magazine is a Melbourne based fashion and music magazine.
Fiend magazine requires a professional approach to production and budget within critical time constraints.
This project not only requires effective art direction and design, but also constant coordination of photographers, designers, offshore printers, client communication, and third party vendors.


Editorial Design